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Get $450 “cash on the hood” or as a bill credit when you buy or lease a new electric car, or even when you buy a used one!


TMLP offers a $450 customer rebate for the purchase of a new or used plug-in Electric Vehicle (BEV or PHEV). Customers can purchase from any licensed auto dealer and apply for the rebate as a $450 credit on their TMLP residential electric bill.  

When a used electric vehicle is purchased from one of our pre-qualified local used car dealer partners, the rebate can be provided as a point of sale instant $450 discount (“cash on the hood”). Used EVs can alternatively be purchased from any licensed auto dealer and the rebate applied for as a $450 credit on their TMLP residential electric bill. See the required documentation and elegilityrequirements below.

To contact us about applying for a Next Drive rebate, fill out the contact form:

Required Documents:

(1) Provide copy of an executed vehicle purchase agreement.

(2) Provide copy of vehicle registration*. Address on registration must match the TMLP service address associated with the TMLP account number on this form. (Name of vehicle registration doesn’t need to match TMLP accountholder’s name.

(3) (For used electric cars only) To ensure that the car you purchase has a battery that’s in good condition, you must submit a photo of dash display as proof of battery capacity/range; vehicle must retain at least 70% of original rated battery capacity, or if not determinable, at least 70% of original EPA rated All-Electric Range (AER) when fully charged. 

*Vehicle must be registered to an individual (not a business).

Program Eligibility

(1) Only purchases of new and used OEM plug-in electric light duty, highway capable passenger vehicles are eligible for a rebate. (Fuel cell vehicles, electric bikes, electric motorcycles, electric scooters, neighborhood vehicles or conversion or hobbyist EVs are not eligible.)

(2) Customer must have an active, residential electricity account with TMLP.

(3) TMLP electric account must be at least 6 months old with no balance or arrears for 6 months.

(4) The program begins with vehicles purchased after March 5, 2019. Maximum 2 rebates per household.

5) Rebate applications can be submitted up to January 31 of the year following purchase.  

(6) Vehicle has had no more than two previous owners in TMLP service area that previously received this rebate, and therefore not reached the maximum of two rebates associated with the vehicle.

(7) Rebates will be issued as credit to customer’s active TMLP account. Allow 8-10 weeks for processing.

(8) Rebates will be issued until funding runs out

For more information and assistance, email

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